Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Broome Street Review no. 4: Lampblack

is out and about, making its rounds among the uninitiated and initiated alike. TBSR was featured in the latest issue of Poets & Writers for their Bullseye column. 

Our thanks to Kevin Larimer and the editorial staff at P&W--not only are they keeping us informed of opportunity, getting us grants and connections, but this is also their first full color issue! If you haven't got a copy of TBSR yet, at least get a copy (or pick up a subscription to) Poets & Writers. Not only are the articles fantastic, they also seem to know everyone and everything happening in the world of letters. This issue features articles on the precious art of slowing down, finding inspiration and profiles of newly published poets. 

TBSR is available for purchase through the site:

You can also find TBSR in these stores; GET YOURS NOW!

31 3rd Avenue
between E9th and E10th
New York, NY 10003

52 Prince Street
between Lafayette and Mulberry
New York, NY 10012

69 Governor Street 
between Fremont St. and Williams St.
Providence, RI 02912

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