Tuesday, March 25, 2014


 by Andrew E. Colarusso 

A Sort of Homecoming, 2011
Cut paper on birch panel with UVA varnish
36 x 71 inches (91.4 x 180.3 cm)
Courtesy Andrew Edlin Gallery


The clime touched down on weathered twine
tied to the hind to maginal wire and the secular
to a tuft of red hair. Native in the din easygoing
mayfolk bedgotten by march to make december

Begin flagging for settlement. The hold is loosened
into a comfortable and plural slouch as one foot in
front of the other we who still stand now in the cycle
of anotherworldly condition pour into the eye into
the smell of

The secular. Maria turn against what borrowed light
we watch and gampless against the coming eyewall
whiten all reflex in preparation for what. Whiten
in my ear your breath behind me without saying

                                 Begin flagging for settlement
as the first thing you said when you saw it was

for Afia K